Learn TensorFlow Step by Step make Neural Network By using deep learning

Learn and download Tensor Flow step by step make Neural Network book in PDF format. You can learn about deep learning in detail. Deep learning  is a part of Computer software which imitate network of neurons in intelligence. Deep learning makes uses of neural network. Input layer, output layer and hidden layers are used to make deep learning algorithm. Neural network is divided in different ways like:

  • Shallow neural network which has one hidden layer that connected the input and output layer.
  • Deep neural networks that have more than one layer.

Uses of Deep learning:

  • Smart phone
  • Google
  • Robotic Cars
  • TV/LCD
  • Detective devices

In this book you will learn Feed-forward neural networks, RNN and CNN in detail. Autoencoder is a tool which ia used to recreate an input. You will know how to use Autoencoder what is its working with examples, How to build Autoencoder with TensorFlow.

In second section you will learn about tensorflow in detail, tensorflow history, tensorflow architecture, how tensorflow run, components of tensorflow, why tensorflow useful and popular and tensorflow algorithm.

In third section we will discuss deep learning libraries. You will know about most important deep learning framework , microsoft cognitive toolkit, difference of tensorflow and theano, difference of theano and torch and difference of MXNeT and caffe. By this book you will also learn how to download and install tensorflow for all type of system. What’s it version and what is its installation anaconda. You will learn detail topics of tensorflow.

Here you will learn about Pandas.Why Pandas is used, how to install Pandas and learn about data frame and series. Here you will learn about these topics in detail:

Scikit learn installation


Machine leaning with scikit learn


Linear Regression


Numpy solution


Tensorflow solution


Facets deep dive


Installation of Facet


Linear classifier


Binary classifier


Kernal machine learning


Artificial neural network


Neural network architecture


Convolutional Neural Network





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