Convolutional neural networks in Python notes

Read and download Convolutional neural networks in Python complete notes. These notes are a part of machine learning series, python and data science.  Neural network is actually step by step  series  that  to recognize underlying relationships in data sets through a process that work the way the human brain operates. Neural network use in different fields such as solving business problems. Neural network are also use for validation of data. It can be used by customer research.

Neutral network work in the form of neural nets. Neural nets organized in the form of nodes. Nodes are in the form of layers. By these notes you will get complete overview of neurons and some important background material of neural network that are needed in order to understand the topic. In these notes we discuss these important topics of Convolutional neural networks in python. You can read these notes easily. You can also download it in PDF.

Why do convolution




Simplest convolutional net


The LeNet architecture




Training of CNN


Components of Theano


Why  Theano  is in convolutional neural network


TensorFlow codes


Samples of Tensorflow codes


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