Artificial neural networks in medical diagnosis complete course

Learn and download free complete course of Artificial neural networks in medical diagnosis. Artificial intelligence is actually belong to simulation of human intelligence in machines which are programmed that how  to think like humans and perform their actions. It must be apply on machines that exhibits characteristics which are  associated with a human mind that are problem-solving and learning. Artificial intelligence is mostly used to give more personalized recommendations to people. Artificial Intelligence is important in commerce for optimization of  products for planning inventory and making logic’s etc. This  course is very important for medical diagnosis.Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis  play an important role in pathologist to find out rare objects in the body fluids like urine and blood. It also give knowledge about tissues. Deformity in body fluids and tissue is detected by using Artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis solutions. In this course you will learn these four types in detail:

  1. Limited Memory
  2. Theory of Mind
  3. Reactive Machines
  4. Self-awareness

In this course you will learn about different important topics of Artificial neural networks in medical diagnosis that are:

  • Micro structural Modeling of Vascular Tissues


  •  Scientific Literature About Bio-mechanical Models in Pelvic Floor


  • Biomechanical Analysis


  • Pelvic Floor Muscles Behavior


  • Prediction of Carotid Hemodynamic Descriptors


  •  Ultrasound Data and a Neural Network Model


  • Computer Image Registration Techniques Applied to Nuclear Medicine Images


  • Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction of Animal Tissues in Histological Images


  • Human Motion Segmentation Using Active Shape Models


  • 3D Vocal Tract Reconstruction Using Magnetic Resonance


  • Imaging Data to Study Fricative Consonant Production


  • Pectoral and Breast Segmentation Technique Based on Texture Information


  • Statistical and Physical Micro-feature-Based Segmentation


  • Cortical Bone Images Using Artificial Intelligence


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