Machine Learning Powering Into the Future


The very broad term Computer vision and NLP will must be continue to play a significant role in our lives ever. With this huge success there are also some adverse implications to this advancement as well and these are such as China using facial recognition to implement to rating system on the and there are so many people who divert the mid of people with fake news and people trust broke and they never trust on them back. The advance progress in Machine Learning only because of account of algorithmic biases and ethics. These ethics and algorithms always remind us of our place which always be connected us back to our place and it is a creation of God and not creators.

Computer vision and machine learning

The term of Machine learning is experiencing very successful growth today and this success especially in the subject of computer vision. If we look around the world getting better and better with the passage of time and the error rate in humans is only 3% in the book of computer vision and it is only possible because of machine learning. So hence proved the machines and computers are already better at recognizing anything and analyzing images as compared than humans. Wow it is very interesting and What an amazing feat for us. Many and many years ago if we look around the decades the machines of computers were full big size of a like rooms but with passage of time the size of machine of computer reduce like as a hand held device and now they can perceive the world around us in ways which we never pick in the back and that we never thought possible.

If we look back in 2011 so the total rate of error in human is 26% but now with advancement and new progress held day by day the rate of human error reduce to 3% which is very big point for the world.

The all new progress and Now this achievement only made possible because of advancements in machine learning. But now it is a real world applications which save lives and make the world better and better place. Machine learning and computer science have a big and strong relation because computer use artificial intelligence and the machine developed with machine learning algorithms which means computer machines used human intelligence for accurate decision and machine provides the best ever result with the help of algorithms. Now this is the world of technology and the world of advancement we will totally depended on the internet and computer these applications used in every field of life and if we want to get success we must to get how know of computer science first.

For example if we talk about what is computer vision and we compared computer vision with the human intelligence so if we get thousands photos of any animal and ask a human to get a special type animal so the human takes time for finding and the computer done this job in seconds with comparing photos with each other.

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