Learn Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes Step by Step with Real Examples

Free easily download Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes Step by Step with Real Examples. This book is most important in nowadays because we all know todays technology is most important for our lives. We all use different applications for many purposes in daily basis. Cloud native is a software development approach that helps to run our software in efficient and dynamic environments such as universally or individually. This nook is Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes. Kubernetes is actually container-orchestration system of open-source for automated computers application disposal and management. And cloud native computing foundation maintained the Kubernetes.

Book name Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes Step by Step with Real Examples
Format PDF
Language English

This book have a lot of useful knowledge that divide in different different steps. You will learn all of these very easily by main topic like: Firstly you will learn about resolution of clouds. In this step you will learn about creation of clouds,  Dawn of DevOps, how to put software in container, detail of Kubernetes, why Kubernetes is so valuable, distribution of DevOps.

In second step we will learn about Kubernetes in detail and its further topics like: Cluster’s brain which is control plane, node Components, kubelet, kube-proxy. In this section we will know the reasons of control plane failure, reason of worker node failure. The most important topic is costs of Self-Hosting Kubernetes that you can learn it in detail. You will learn how to managed Kubernetes Services. What is Google Kubernetes Engine? You will also learn about Amazon Elastic container service for Kubernetes here. Some other topics that you will also learn in this section are: Azure Kubernetes Service, open Shift, IBM cloud Kubernetes service, heptoic Kubernetes Subscription, stack point, how to install Kubernetes Installers work, Amazon fargate.

Other section is about Managing Resources. You will know how to make your cluster and how you can manage
and optimize resource usage, how to divide the cluster using namespaces and how to manage life cycle of containers, Resource Units, Resource Requests, Resource Limits, Optimizing cluster costs.

Many important topics detail is in this book which you read by downloading.

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