Hands on Computer Games using Python Step by Step

Read and learn computer game by using python. This book is very useful for those who have great interest in gaming. By this book you will know how to build your own games by using python. In this book you will learn to develop python pro games. This book tell you how to make android games by using advance programming languages.

This book is very important,  and helpful for developers researchers, and programmers to give you more information about python. After learning this book you will able to create your own game. By this book you will know following interesting different important game topics that help to invent you own game by using python:

Book Title Hands on Computer Games using Python Step by Step
Size  5.49
Format PDF
  • How Python interactive shell will be used to investigate with code one line at a time.


  • You will know how to write complete programs in Python file editor.


  • This book give you different programs that gives you ideas like there is a program by which which asks the player to guess a secret number and then provides hints as to whether the guess is too high or too low.


  • You will make a game like that tells the user several jokes when you open it.


  • You will know the program of guessing game in which the player must choose between two caves in which one is friendly character and other is bad or hungry character.


  • You will learn how flowcharts can be used to give ideas of programs, like Hangman game and this book have complete program of Hangman game.


  • You will also know program of artificial intelligence base game tic tac toe.


  • You will also know how to make deduction games that is Bagels in which the player must guess secret number that based on clues.


  • You will also learn Python pygame module, collision detection and which show you how we can use it how to draw 2D graphics and how to animate graphics with pygame.


  • This book is very helpful to teach you all programs which make your game outstanding by adding sounds and images.

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