Important Information Technology MCQS For CSS PMS PPSC FPSC NTS Set 2

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Note: The bold option is the right answer for the given MCQ’S

1. Which of these are not among the eight principles followed by Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice ?






2. What is a Software ?

a) Software is set of programs

b) Software is documentation and configuration of data

c) Software is set of programs, documentation & configuration of data

d) None of the mentione


3. Which of these does not account for software failure ?

a) Increasing Demand

b) Low expectation

c) Increasing Supply

d) Less reliable and expensive


4. What are attributes of good software ?

a) Software maintainability

b) Software functionality

c) Software development

d) Software maintainability & functionalit


5. Which of these software engineering activities are not a part of software processes ?

a) Software dependence

b) Software development

c) Software validation

d) Software specificatio

6. Which of these is incorrect ?

a) Software engineering belongs to Computer science

b) Software engineering is a part of more general form of System Engineering

c) Computer science belongs to Software engineering

d) Software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful software


7. Which of these is true ?

a) Generic products and customized products are types of software products

b) Generic products are produced by organization and sold to open market

c) Customized products are commissioned by particular customer

d) All of the mentioned


8. Which of these does not affect different types of software as a whole?

a) Heterogeneity

b) Flexibility

c) Business and social change

d) Security


9. The fundamental notions of software engineering does not account for ?

a) Software processes

b) Software Security

c) Software reuse

d) Software Validation


10. Which of these is not true ?

a) Web has led to availability of software services and possibility of developing highly distributed service based systems

b) Web based systems have led to degradation of programming languages

c) Web brings concept of software as service

d) Web based system should be developed and delivered incrementally


11. Build & Fix Model is suitable for programming exercises of ___________ LOC (Line of Code).

a) 100-200

b) 200-400

c) 400-1000

d) above 1000


12. RAD stands for

a) Relative Application Development

b) Rapid Application Development

c) Rapid Application Document

d) None of the mentione


13. Which one of the following models is not suitable for accommodating any change?

a) Build & Fix Model

b) Prototyping Model

c) RAD Model

d) Waterfall Mode


14. Which is not one of the types of prototype of Prototyping Model?

a) Horizontal Prototype

b) Vertical Prototype

c) Diagonal Prototype

d) Domain Prototyp


15. Which one of the following is not a phase of Prototyping Model?

a) Quick Design

b) Coding

c) Prototype Refinement

d) Engineer Product


16. Which of the following statements regarding Build & Fix Model is wrong?

a) No room for structured design

b) Code soon becomes unfixable & unchangeable

c) Maintenance is practically not possible

d) It scales up well to large project


17. RAD Model has

a) 2 phases

b) 3 phase

c) 5 phases

d) 6 phase


18. What is the major drawback of using RAD Model?

a) Highly specialized & skilled developers/designers are required

b) Increases reusability of components

c) Encourages customer/client feedback

d) Increases reusability of components, Highly specialized & skilled developers/designers are require


19. SDLC stands for

a) Software Development Life Cycle

b) System Development Life cycle

c) Software Design Life Cycle

d) System Design Life Cycle


20. Which model can be selected if user is involved in all the phases of SDLC?

a) Waterfall Model

b) Prototyping Model

c) RAD Model

d) both Prototyping Model & RAD Model

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