How robots helps humans in different environments


When term Robotics are used it means robotics are the intersection of science and engineering and technology by these terms machines are developed  and these machines are called the robots. Robots are the machines that work according to given input which is given by a human and main aim of developing robots are they work like humans by using human intelligence.  Robots have the capability to performs the work more efficiently in less work without any rest and any delay in work. Artificial intelligence is the technology that enables the machines to work smart in less time provides more work.

What is robots and artificial intelligence:

The robot is the product of the artificial intelligence and robotics where programmable machines are built that can be work according to human setup or human instructions and use human mind to performs various tasks of daily life too. Basically Robots are built to handle monotonous like making automatic cars and tools for lifting heavy machinery and car painting. Robots performs those task easily that a human work with so much hard work and efforts so robots deals with fighting fires and cleaning homes and assisting with difficult work. Each robot performs different work mostly human instructed robots controlled by the human intelligence and they only performs those tasks which a human tell them to do.

Types of robots:

The Pre-Programmed Robots:

The preprogrammed robots operate only in controlled environment means to say that robots are pre programmed that tells and gives instructions to the robot that what to do and how to do the work.  Mostly in this type robots do simple or monotonous tasks. A example of pre-programmed robot are they are used to develop automated things and assembly the things in easy or convenient manners. robots body divided into different parts that performs specific task accordingly.  They also performs like weld a door on or insert a certain part into the engine etc because these are effort base works.

Humanoid Robots:

This type of robots is Humanoid robots are robots that look like a human and like human behavior. This type of robots usually perform human like activities that a normally a human do in daily life like running walk and jumping etc. these are  sometimes designed to look like us like a real human and even look like a human faces and expressions.

Autonomous Robots

The term Autonomous robots operate independently of human operators they have no need of human instruction to performs any or specific work. This type of robots are designed to carry out tasks in open environments like outside the household and hotels that do not require human supervision and to supervise them. These robots are much different to other robots because they are develop to work openly by using their sensors in it by them they observes the world and perceive them. With the help of sensors they make decisions like humans they have no need of human in such case.

Some following examples of autonomous robots :

  • The Cleaning Bots
  •  The Lawn Trimming Bots
  • The Hospitality Bots
  • The Autonomous Drones
  • The Medical Assistant Bots

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