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Download free complete course of Machine Learning Applications Using Python. This course is very useful for those who are interested in Machine learning and as well as in python. This course is based on Machine learning applications by using python language. All famous companies use machine learning in their applications. Twitter use machine learning for curated timelines. Google use it as neural networks. Hub Spot use machine learning as Smarter sales.

Nowadays industries and multiple fields has been use machine learning. Gmail, Google Maps and Google search also use machine learning services. Machine learning is used in large hospital chains and also used in investment areas of market stocks. In this book we will study about python with its version 3.x. We will also learn coding of python by this book. In this course you will also learn the concepts of narrow and broad machine learning. By this course you will know how much industries of healthcare work throughout the world.

Some applications of machine learning  that use in healthcare:

  • Discovery of drugs
  • Identification of diseases
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Radiology
  • Digital health records
  • Epidemic outbreak prediction

All these are explained in this course with their graphical representation.

By this course you will also understand how to implement machine learning in healthcare. By this course you will also know how to Areas of Healthcare Research has high potential. By this course you will also know life cycle of Machine Learning Development. This course totally free of cost. You can download it easily.


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  Machine Learning Applications Using Python
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  • Monetizing Healthcare machine Learning


  • Introduction of Hospital Communication Applications


  • Connections of Patient Data Networks


  • Machine Learning in Retail complete overview


  • Technological advancements in Retail


  • Pitfalls to avoid with Machine Learning in Retail



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