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Download free Practical Python AI Projects course. This course is totally free of cost. Everyone can download it in PDF. Python is very easy and understandable programming language. In this course you will learn about python artificial intelligence project. By this course you will learn about mathematical models of optimizing problems with Google. Artificial intelligence is a huge range to covering the diverse method, our objectives and to measure success. By this course you will learn about linear continuous model. Mixing is one of the first optimization problem of linear continuous model. By this you will understand how you will construct a model, variations of linear continuous model and how to give structure of problems under consideration.

Second problem of linear continuous model is blending. Raw or crude gasolines to achieve various refined products with octane values is a best example of blending. By this course you will also learn how to construct models in blending like you know how much type of refined gas to produce. By this course you will also learn about hidden linear continuous model. You will also know curve fitting.


Practical Python AI Projects


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In this course there is all about of Linear network model. Network is name of object composed of nodes. This is mathematicians tool invented to help model situations and for solving problems. Networks help us to construct optimization models

Maximum flow is first problem of Linear network model. By this problem you will recognize and model problems with this special structure. The other problem of this section is minimum cost flow. This book have many others topics in detail like:

  • Classic discrete model


  • Mixed model


  • Staffing level techniques


  • Non convex trickery techniques


  • Cutting stock techniques


  • Puzzles techniques

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