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Learn and download free pdf course of Mining the Social Web Step by Step for everyone. By this course you will get knowledge about web. This course is very helpful for those who have great interest in web. By this course you will able to select data for your web. Web mining is data searching by which you discover automatically and get information from Web documents and services for your web application.

The purpose of web mining is to discover useful and important information from world wide web. Three main methods of web mining that are sequential patterns, Association rules and clustering are in detail of this course. You will also learn detail of :

  • Web content mining
  • Web structure mining
  • Web usage mining

Mining the Social web is useful to unveil hidden patterns and trends from social media principles for example the most common used social platforms Twitter, Facebook, and more. In this course you will learn about hacking skills. You will  exploring the social Connections. This course have complete detail of mailboxes. You will learn about bulk Loading Documents into Couch DB. By this course you will know how to get data of others person on your most useful application twitter. Installation of Python Development tools complete guideline is provided you by this course. This course give you complete detail knowledge of twitter.

This course is very useful for Facebook users are who want to build their own app like Facebook. This section you will learn how to tapping on your social network data. Here you will learn how you visualize your Facebook Data. You will get detail information of:

  • How you will Visualize your entire social network
  • How you will Visualize your mutual friendships in Groups
  • You will learn a data driven game
  • You will Visualizing Wall Data As a rotating

Another section is on LinkedIn. This platform is very useful that connects the worlds professionals. In this course you will learn these LinkedIn topics:

  • Clustering motivations
  • Standardizing and counting the job titles
  • Common similarity metrics that are used in clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Fetching extended profile Information of other persons
  • Professional Network with Google Earth

This is short review of this course. In this course you have detail knowledge of Google Buzz, tapping into Your Gmail, Natural Language Processing, summarizing documents, semantic Web, evolutionary Revolution, Open world versus Closed World Assumptions and many more others. This book is totally free of cost and you can easily download.



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