Key points for fsc exams preparation

Important Key Points for FSC Exam Preparation . It can Help you Pass your test Exam.

Key points for fsc exams preparation:-

Fsc (Faculty of Sciences) is also known as intermediate education. It is two years program after matric. Some key points for private and regular students to make good preparation for fsc.

1.Subject selection:-

Main thing for a students is to select a subject in which he/she have good interest. Subject combination must be appropriate. If we select the subject in which we have interest then it will be easier for you to study it deeply.

2.Sharp Notes:-

From the very first way you should makes chapter of notes .These chapter vise notes will help you for revision and paper preparation.

3.Time table:-

It is a fact that time management is key for success in every field of life. Set a proper time table divide the time as per the need of your subject properly, and then stuck with it.


After completing a chapter or a unit, take a self-test as per the pattern of the paper. This will help you to analyze your learning difficulties and speed.IT will improve your way of study and it will be quite effective in your exams to complete your paper within a time.

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