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The term Digital transformation is a method of assuming a great change in the way of understanding and functioning in all ways of daily life in every field. By using this term in which technological improvements bring us benefits and facilities that business sector has been able to get more success. By conceder this is going to talk about artificial intelligence. By using artificial intelligence we get more success in business and about main technology by years.

If we talk about this case, you must have to know that its integration or variation into companies covers different applications in business areas by its benefits. When customer service done for financial advice to clients for making investment and saving decisions without any alteration.

Common artificial intelligence terms used

  • speech recognition or voice response
  • Visual agents
  • Machine Learning
  • Smart machines
  • Deep learning platforms
  • Biometrics
  • Robotic process optimization
  1. speech recognition or voice response

Specially the main difference between voice recognition and speech recognition is recognize the voice of the speaker which speech recognition is recognize the words said by the someone. The term Voice recognition is enables and activates the security features like voice biometrics and speech recognition allows for automatic transcriptions and accurate commands without any error and convenient.

2. Visual agents

When we talk about  virtual agent it is also called chat bot, it is a software application that uses natural language and  processing it predefined answers to support humans online problems.

Chat bots are used for users efficiency to provide them technology in all good means and train them about technology that how to use and get benefits from it.

3. Machine Learning

The term new computing technologies is machine learning  not like as machine learning of the past machine learning. it is started by pattern recognition and the theory of computers which learn without properly programmed to perform their tasks and the users and researchers concern with artificial intelligence to see that how is the computers could learn from data automatically. When the term variation in different loops used then it is used in its and the machine learning is important because its dummy data are exposed to new data and they are able to independently adopt the data. The biggest benefit of it is it learns everything from its previous computations to produce reliable and repeatable decisions and results for the users. This is the not new way of science.

4. Smart machines

When we talk about what is smart devices so the smart machine is a device that  embedded with machine-to-machine and have many good computing technologies which is artificial intelligence and machine learning or deep learning these all in it uses to reason or problem-solve and take and make decisions by itself because these are used artificial intelligence and even or ultimately to take action.


There are some biometric terms that are using artificial intelligence are following

  •                 Speech recognition or voice response
  •                 Visual agents
  •                 Machine Learning
  •               Smart machines
  •              Deep learning platforms
  •              Biometrics
  •             Robotic process optimization

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