Important Current Affairs MCQS For CSS PMS PPSC FPSC NTS Set 5

Read important Current Affair MCQS For Exam.These General Knowledge Mcqs Contain  of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs , Pakistan Affairs Mcqs and International Organizations. These general knowledge questions are very important for all type of exams conducted by Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts, Ats, etea and other testing agencies of Pakistan

Note: The bold option is the right answer for the given MCQ’S

1.Which state will be launching the Mukhya Mantri Parivar Samridhi Yojana on
August 21?


B. Uttarakhand

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. Chhattisgarh


2. Rotavirus is responsible for around _______% of total child mortality every year in

A. 20%

B. 15%

C. 10%

D. 25%


3. Gogabeel, an ox-bow lake in which state, has been declared as the state’s first
‘Community Reserve’?

A. Himachal Pradesh

B. Arunachal Pradesh

C. Assam

D. Bihar


4.Which state was declared as the Most Film-Friendly State at 66th National FilmAwards announced?

A. Madhya Pradesh

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Goa

D. Uttarakhand


5. Google has honored Dr Vikram Sarabhai on his _____________ birthday with a

A. 125th

B. 100th

C. 115th

D. 111th

6. Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla has been elected as the new President of which

A. Honduras

B. El Salvador

C. Guatemala

D. Belize


7. Which state has topped the list of states in India in terms of GDP growth rate in

A. Bihar

B. West Bengal

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Telangana


8. Who will become the first woman to head the Indian National Science Academy

A. Geeta Dharmarajan

B. Vasudha Prakash

C. Chandrima Shaha

D. Vimla Kaul


9. Union Environment minister has launched a website which contains all the
information related to _________ ?

A. COP 14

B. COP 15

C. COP 19

D. COP 18

10. Kajin Sara lake which is in news recently is located in which country?

A. Myanmar

B. Bhutan

C. Nepal

D. Sri Lanka


11. Listening, Learning & Leading is a book written by?

A. Arun Jaitley

B. Venkaiah Naidu

C. Shashi Tharoor

D. Nitin Gadkari


12. Singapore Convention on Mediation, is an agreement to settle ________?

A. cross-border commercial disputes

B. cross-border land disputes

C. cross-border terrorism

D. cross-border money laundering


13. Who has become the youngest Indian to score a double century in first-class cricket
against West Indies?

A. Shubman Gill

B. Prayas Ray Barman

C. Sandeep Lamichhane

D. Kamlesh Nagarkoti


14. The Khadi and Village Industry Commission launched which mission on World
Tribal Day?

A. Leather Mission

B. Bee Mission

C. Handloom Mission

D. Bamboo Mission


15. In which country the multilateral military exercise ‘TSENTR-2019’ is scheduled to
be held from 10 September to 21 September?

A. Mangolia

B. Turkmenistan

C. Russia

D. China


16. Which state’s “Vriksharopan Mahakumbh” drive has created world record after
planting more than 22 crore saplings?

A. Himachal Pradesh

B. Gujarat

C. Bihar

D. Uttar Pradesh

17. Which movie has won the Best Hindi Film award at the 66th National Film awards?

A. Raazi

B. Andhadhun

C. Uri

D. Badhai Ho


18. Tripura government will construct 1,447 check dams with the financial assistance
from which country?

A. Israel

B. France

C. Russia

D. Japan


19. The players of which sports will now come under the ambit of the National AntiDoping Agency (NADA)?

A. Hockey

B. Cricket

C. Table Tennis

D. Golf


20. Thar Express runs between Jodhpur and which city of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad

B. Karachi

C. Multan

D. Lahore

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