How Artificial Intelligence help to detect fingerprint

What is artificial intelligence:

According to modern technology when a machine start behaving like a human mind and try to improvise thing in a much more compact way this is known as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence works on algorithms and data analytical information so that the machine will try to make comparisons and self-reasoning to make sure the output is in its best form.

Face recognition:

It is basically a technology which is capable of matching a human face which has already enrolled a digital image inside the database of your device with the video frame of that moment and this kind of system is typically used for authorization and authentication of various ID’s through verification services and because others verification purposes like fingerprint eye-scanner can be easily cracked and they are not 100% secure the intervention of his recognition type helps us that the authenticated person will only unlock his device regardless of what the type of device is.

How does face recognition system work?

Facial recognition actually identifies a person by measuring facial features of the image which is already stored in the database when you were enrolling your face it determines that the two faces the image and the actual video of that person who is trying to open that device are exactly the same or there is a difference between those faces and most of them not only work with the facial recognition but also with the help of an eye that there is a combination of facial recognition as well as eye-scanner this makes it more secure and more authentic

Facial recognition today uses a much more complex and a much more different techniques to compare facial expressions. Several data are collected by using random feature based and (photometric view) based features. facial recognition is much more complicated than other recognition because human faces make a difference with time passing and other accessories such as hats, sunglasses and scarves these kinds of thing put a limit to ensure that the same person is trying to unlock its device. the minimum limit of pixel to identify a human face is 25 to 75 pixels just between the eyes which means that a total of about 15,000 two 30,000 pixels are needed to identify an entire face and for this purpose your device should have cameras which works in a much more efficient way to unlock the device and have the minimum capacity of 30,000 pixels to ensure that the same person is trying to unlock the phone.

AI and facial recognition:

Fashion recognition with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning can detect human faces they work on algorithms by searching human eyes, nose, mouth, nostrils, eyebrows and iris once all the features are captured additional authentication uses large dataset containing negative and positive image confirmed that this person which is trying to unlock the device is a valid person some of the most common technologies based on template matching each of these method has its advantages and has its disadvantages more feature depends upon light, noise and other characteristics because of machine learning and basically facial recognition is based on predefined rules. Template matching method compare images of previously stored face patterns actually correlate with another person so machine learning and artificial intelligence will help us that this same exact person will try to access.

Security of AI:

The best part of artificial intelligence is that if someone tries to open your device and put that device in front of your face that device will not be opened because of your different facial expressions because in a normal manner your facial expressions are different and in a haphazard situation your facial expression is different so the device which has stored your data earlier will not open it and try to show that you are unlocking with the wrong person in this manner artificial intelligence which already stored your data and  perceives what is the facial expression or what is the movement or manner of that person help us in dealing with security manners in a much more compact and a much more efficient way.

Facial recognition importance:

These days when technology is booming in all parts of the word. Many tech giants like APPLE, GOOGLE, ONEPLUS and almost all the mobile and telecommunication companies are now trying to make facial expression technology in a better way to make this there selling point

Apply actually comes in a much conviction because apple introduced facial recognition with combination of AI which helps user to unlock the device in low-light and also moving and travelling because artificial intelligence is now becoming efficient and helps us to do almost impossible task within mini-seconds this is the new evolution of security which is processed by AI and Machine learning techniques to ensure more security and quickness in technological devices.


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