Machine learning help twitter to gather information


Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence, which is broadly defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence which basically compliments machine 2 have human behavior and behave like a human intelligent mind. Artificial intelligence is usually used for complex tasks to make them easy and to make them fast but machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and contrast it helps programmed and applications to make problems much more short and much more easy.

The basic difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence is that the computer which uses artificial intelligence it’s faster to solve the complex problems in a very short amount of time but machine learning is it a basic thing which provides the artificial intelligent and as the word used as human brain to promote perform this difficult tasks.

As we all know twitter is one of the most used app in around the world because of its nature of app and easiness and in it was one of the few apps in around the globe which uses machine learning for making this app more easy and highly addictive. Machine learning is making it easy for twitter users to locate friends and finding your taste on twitter with very easy process what really twitter does is that.

It finds the data for user and then behave them according to that in user’s data in which the taste of the user and the searches that he has created or his friends all his followers taste two to start showing the result to the user relevant to that information. Nowadays and artificial intelligence and machine learning is working day and night to make it much more compact and much more easier for every user around the globe.

How Machine learning help twitter to gather information:

Twitter gave us the best solution of area problems for instance one user is living in Saudi Arabia and the norms and the values of Saudi Arabia distraught offer does not offer any celebrities or models bikini photos or pornographic content or any content which is relevant to 18 plus so that is where machine learning help us to evaluate all the content and data according to that area in which you are living.

The basic benefit of machine learning is the process of finding the most talks about the town by generating hashtags and creating news blogs all by machine learning basically what is going around the globe is actually tagged with the #Hashtag and if a lot of people is talking about them then this specific hashtag becomes trending and people will notice the issue and will provide there thoughts and concern about them in the most valuable time.

Which comes to conclusion that twitter has given voice to everyone to speak for themselves and others which was not very much common in recent times. Better search result is also another best in class feature by twitter because it uses the algorithms depending on location ,recent searches and data gathering which give us the exact information.

Which we really want to see for instance you like football, cricket then you will get adds of there official twitter pages. Because every celebrity in commonly on twitter and now you can follow them and will check there updates on just click of your thumb.

Better video quality twitter and many other social media giants now have come to the point to make reels and become famous in just few days we have seen a lot of average people to become celebrities in these days machine learning is working on making the video quality much more impressive and high definition videos.

Twitter is embracing machine learning to increase the user experience on its platform. The company has made many plans to use AI for features and acquisitions in this area and like abate conversations. This emphasis on AI will surely aid Twitter in maintaining its position as a major player in the social media industry and remaining competitive.


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