Artificial intelligence in Marketing Research Based PDF Notes

Free easily download Artificial intelligence in Marketing Research Based PDF notes for everyone. In these notes you will learn that how machines how to get ideas of machine which work like humans. By these notes you will also learn about historical development of AI, business framework of AI,AI marketing matrix, future of media planning and also learn super intelligence.

From these notes you will also get ideas of solving problems by machines. As machines can help us to change circumstance and you get ideas to control problems and hurdles of society facing. These notes are totally free of cost. You can download it easily.



Artificial intelligence in Marketing Research Based PDF notes

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Now you can learn about these topic’s in detail:-

1.Te speed of digital hyper innovation

2.Big data layer

  1. Historical development of AI
  2. Classification of images
  3. Correlation of algorithmic
  4. Correlation of artificial intelligence

Business Artificial intelligence Framework

  1. Algorithmic maturity mode
  2. Semi automated enterprise
  3. use cases for the Artificial intelligence
  4. Super intelligence enterprise
  5. The benefit of the algorithmic business
  6. Artificial intelligence marketing matrix
  7. Maturity model of Amazon
  8. Automated enterprise

Bots apps

  1. Total score of the digital Assistants
  2. Best Assistants  categories
  3. Maturity levels of bot
  4. Maturity levels Artificial intelligence systems
  5. Involvement of benefits
  6. Involvement costs
  7. Risks of automation

Analogy of dating platforms

  1. Phases and sources of Artificial intelligence
  2. Supported lead prediction
  3. Lead prediction
  4. Automatic generation
  5. Digital index
  6. Dimensions
  7. Digital Labor Platform Blueprint
  8. Savings potential
  9. By digitalization

Development of working hours per week




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