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The Virtual reality technology allows individuals to become immersed during a laptop and it is the simulated and three like multi dimensional environment. If we look around the world so you can say it we tend to investigate the consequences of the computer game technology which is developed only on disabled people like blind and visually impaired people. So if we use this method as to boost their computer skills and prepare them to form use of recent technology in their daily life. It is still as we know about that like they have to advance their info technology skills on the far side the fundamental computer coaching and skills. So know further it is all about the best tools and practices in information technology to support disabled people such as deaf and blind and visual impaired people in their activities such as quality systems and the laptop games and the accessibility of e learning and mostly used terms like web based information system. It is all started with wearable finger which is braille interface for navigation of deaf and blind. Further we discussed about  we will show however physical disabled individuals are often benefits from the innovative computer game techniques and discuss some representative examples parenthetically. Like how virtual reality technology will be utilized to handle the knowledge technology downside of blind and visual impaired people. The main Challenges to be addressed and an intensive listing are included.

Technologies which is virtual reality used using for help of blind people how it is work:

VisionBuddy may be a medically valid and approved computer game wearable receiver that is designed by the team of medical and virtual reality technology professionals solely to deal with the every day quality desires of the visually impaired individuals. VisionBuddy assists them to browse books and it is main way to operate home appliances and it is perform daily living tasks independently. The device which is virtually developed named VisionBuddy used to helps people with vision loss and  to regain their sight with the help of this super cool technology. A computer game headset for the visually impaired has forever been a dream and with VisionBuddy and it is connecting with preferred ones has currently become even easier.

There are some benefits which is provided by virtual reality

Watch tv:

Vision pal is meant to be the only device out there to help visually impaired people to observe favorite tv shows and films on Netflix and Amazon Prime or the other service supplier with complete ease.

Play with preferred Ones

With VisionBuddy and it is used by the all individuals with low vision will see their loved ones in a very far better manner and pay unforgettable times with them that might last a lifetime

Enjoy surroundings

VisionBuddy reveal the new world for visually impaired individuals to maneuver around simply and luxuriate in all the activities they love.

Browse with ease

With VisionBuddy which is most used and new technology used to  reading your favorite magazine and the newspapers and menu card whereas visiting your favorite restaurants has become easy. You have to got the choice of zooming in and out as per your perspective.



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