Online Inventory Management system in Python using Django

Download Advance Inventory Management system  using python Free Source code. Inventory Management system is automated system that can help You to manage whole inventory stock online like track you specific or whole product inventory including product Shortage , product Expiry , Product brand , Item wise supplier Detail .With the Help of this system we can Manage complete supply chain including your Purchasing to Sale Customer wise. your inventory will be on Check and balance all time. You can download first version free to Understand How to Develop Inventory System or you can use it for you Business .

Language Used to Develop This system

Language  Python Django
Database  MSSQL
  • You can Install Django Using PIP very easily
  • Open your CMD
  • Write ‘pip install django’
  • After installation you can Verify with write this ‘django-admin –version’ writing in CMD 

Then you need to install MSSQL 2016 server.

why We need Inventory Automation 

For Business we need System that can Track and control inventory with Quick response , Check and balance. With the help of  system we can generate Daily , weekly , Monthly Sale and purchase report with comparison.we can track our product Expire and stock Shortage on single click without ask or watch.

Main Features of This system 

Inventory optimisation

Inventory Notification

bar code Scanning

Report Generation

Multi location Inventory addition

Stock Return handling

Stock Return Reports

Product Brand management

product Purchase with Same Vendor

Audit reports

Audit Management

Flows of approval authorities

Flows of Purchase Order

Flows of GRN (Good Receiving Notes)

you can download complete source code and Database Free

Database Design  

First of All you need to install MSSQL 2016 server. and Create database or Restore Database

Download Now 


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