Machine Learning with Big Data Complete Tutorial

Machine learning is very Famous and Man Need Topic in These Days. The main purpose of machine learning to discover knowledge and make brain ready for taking big decisions.Machine learning has been used for great size facts.As,the name suggests big data is a very large amount of data.

What you know about Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a biggest application of AI.Machine Learning make system to learn in automatic way without any program.

Uses of Machine learning:

Machine learning is used in learning association.

Machine learning is also used in pictures processing system.

Machine learning is used for investigation of diagnosis.

Types of Machine learning:

  1. Supervised machine learning
  2. Unsupervised machine learning
  3. Reinforcement machine learning

What is Big Data?

As we know that:

Big mean huge amount and Data is a collection of facts and figures.

By combining both words it’s mean it is lage amount of facts and figures that has huge size and also has complexity. Nowadays Big data growing very fast. Big data is same like data but it is in huge amount of data.

Big Data types:

There are three types of big data:

  1. Structured big data
  2. Unstructured big data
  3. Semi-structured big data
Tutorial Machine Learning with Big Data
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Machine Learning Applications for Big Data:

Few applications of Machine learning for Big data.

  1. Cloud Networks
  2. Web Scraping
  3. Mixed-Initiative Systems

From this book we learn about these topic’s in detail:

  • Introduction
  • Methods of Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Examples of Machine Learning Applications in Big Data
  • Challenges of Machine Learning Applications in Big Data
  • Technology Progress of Machine Learning Applications in Big Data
  • Conclusion

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