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Free Download Learn software engineering at google Research based PDF Notes. Software engineering is the study of designing, implementing and development of a software. In this notes you’ll learn the difference of software engineering and programming. This notes is very useful for developer, researchers and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about software engineering.

This practical guide teach you how you can make your code effective and sustainable. In this notes there is given code for practice to clear your concepts.


Tutorial  Learn software engineering at google Research based PDF Notes
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By this Notes we learn about these topic’s in detail:-

What is Software Engineering?

Time & Change

  • Hyrum’s Law
  •  Example: Hash Ordering
  •  Why Not Just Aim for
  • “Nothing Changes”?

Scale & Efficiency

  • Policies that Don’t Scale
  • Policies that Scale Well
  •  Example: Compiler Upgrade
  • Shifting Left

Tradeoffs & Costs

  • Example: Markers
  •  Inputs to Decision Making
  • Example: Distributed
  •  Example: Deciding
  • Between Time and Scale
  • Revisiting Decisions,Making Mistakes

Software Engineering vs.Programming

Build Systems & Build Philosophy

Purpose of a Build System
What Happens without a Build System?

  • But All I Need is a Compiler!
  • Shell Scripts to the Rescue?

Modern Build Systems

  •  It’s All About Dependencies
  • Task-Based Build Systems
  • Artifact-Based Build
  • Systems
  • Distributed Builds
  • Time, Scale, Trade-offs

Dealing with Modules and Dependencies

  •  Using Fine-Grained
  • Modules and the 1:1:1 Rule
  • Minimizing Module Visibility
  • Managing Dependencies


Large-Scale Changes

What is a Large-Scale Change?
Who Deals with Large-Scale Changes?
Barriers to Atomic Changes

  • Technical Limitations
  • Merge Conflicts
  •  Heterogeneity
  •  Testing
  •  Code Review

Large-Scale Change Infrastructure

  • Policies and Culture
  • Codebase Insight
  •  Change Management
  •  Testing
  • Language Support

The Large-Scale Change Process

  • Authorization
  • Change Creation
  •  Sharding and Submitting
  •  Cleanup

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