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Download free course of Monetizing Machine Learning. In this course you will learn different different topics of machine learning. A method that analysis data which automates analytical model building is machine learning. Machine learning is a basic branch of artificial intelligence which is useful in development of computer programs. This course is very useful for project ideas based on python machine learning.

By this course you will get complete guidelines to make flask web application. Flask web application is used to investigate cloud based services from python, Amazon, google cloud and many more. By this course you will get complete step by step procedure to make flask web base application. Flask web application is made after different different step like

  • How to start a virtual environment for flask web application
  • How to install a flask for flask web application
  • How to run a web application
  • How to view web application in browser

Microsoft Azure is platform at which you can manage your web base applications. At Microsoft Azure there are a lot of best options ranging from storage to databases. This platform is easy to use and serverless. In this course you will learn how you can run your Flask web application on Microsoft Azure. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Azure this course you will know:

  • How to make account on Microsoft Azure
  • How to donwload source file of Microsoft Azure
  • How to install Git of Microsoft Azure
  • How to create a web app on Microsoft Azure
  • How you can visit placeholder website

In this course there is all about your hosting of web application. How can create your account on python, how to setup your flask web application.

In this course you will learn how to make a web base application to learn about bike rental demand using regression coefficients. In this course you will learn how to explore bike sharing datasets. In exploring bike sharing datasets you will further learn how to download data from UCI machine learning repository, know the working of  Jupiter notebooks and learn how to create dummy features with categorial data. In client side intelligence you will also learn how to design Interactive and fun base Web Application to show Bike Rental Demand.

By this course you will learn how user will interact with their web base application by Google analytics. For Google analytics you should add some lines of JavaScript code at the top of every page of your web application. The advantage of Google analytics is that user can know how much time they spend on the site and on the each page of your application. Google analytics is much useful for creating new content. In this course you will learn about Google analytics:

  • How to create new account of Google analytics
  • Learn about JavaScript tracker for login to your Google analytics dashboard
  • How to read and understand traffic sources
  • How to learn page reviews

This course give you detail knowledge about MYSQL. Big companies like Google, Instagram and Facebook that have a lot of data and they need wide range of databases to store all its data. These companies always prefer MYSQL server to store their data. MYSQL server is very good to support A/B testing. In MYSQL section firstly you will know about command line monitor that allows how to manage users and permissions. This tool also tell us how to create database and tables. Databases interaction will be done by python and flask using python library that is “mysql.connector”. In this course you will learn quries of SQL programs like:

  • How to select SQL statement
  • How to insert data into tables
  • How to update data of SQL tables

This course give you detail knowledge of more topic’s. For more knowledge you will easily download free pdf course.

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