Learn Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Python Notes

Download Python notes of Dynamical Systems with Applications. In these notes you will learn introduction of Python. By these notes you will introduce simple programming in python. In these notes you will learn dynamical systems with applications using Python. Dynamical Systems is actually a system which all states evolves with time over a states of space according to fixed rule. Population growth, swinging pendulum are examples of Dynamical Systems.

Python is a very simple and popular language which you can understand easily. Syntax of python are very simple and understandable.  By Python you can develop applications of Dynamical Systems. In these notes we will learn to make a powerful calculator using python. By these notes we will learn differential equations and applications. These notes teach us Local and Global Bifurcations, Delay differential Equations. how to write program in python, Complex Iterative Maps and maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves. These notes are free of cost download it in PDF form.

Notes Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Python
Format PDF
Language English

Main Topic’s you will learn in these notes:

  • Anaconda
  • Spyder and the Libraries
  • Sympy
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Applications to Chemical Kinetics
  • Applications to Electric Circuits
  • Planar Systems
  • Repeated Real Eigenvalues
  • Predator-Prey Models
  • Linearization and Hartman’s Theorem
  • Lyapunov Functions and Stability
  • The Rössler System and Chaos
  • Poincaré Maps and Nonautonomous Systems in the Plane
  • Delay Differential Equations
  • The Leslie Model

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