Learn Data Analytics Using Python With Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Learn free PDF book of Advance Data Analytics Using Python With Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This book is most important for beginners who want to learn different programming languages. Tis book is mixture of three different books. In this book you will get different different topics of python that relates with machine learning, Deep learning and NLP examples.

In the beginning we all hear Python is very important and precious programming language for coders. In this book we will learn why python is important and what causes that make it to avoid us for python. By this book you will also learn how to install MYSQL server, Database connections, Access database objects and E-mail Parsing.

Syntax of Python language is very easy like a natural language. This programming language gives a lot of freedom of work. Python has high performance libraries which built in other languages. By this book hope so you will know why Programmers choose python as a programming language. Python is very important and good choice to choose it for Application development. In this book there are some coding examples of Application development. This is totally free of cost download it easily

Book name Learn Data Analytics Using Python With Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Size 4.02 MB
Format PDF
Language English

Different detailed topics are:



  • Database connection


  • Insert, Read, Delete, Update and Comment operations


  • Elastic Search


  • MongoDB


  • Create Connections using pymongo


  • Access Database Objects


  • Deep learning and neural networks


  • Backpropagation


  • Backpropagation Algorithm


  • TensorFlow


  • Time Series


  • Time Series with python


  • MapReduce programming and many more….


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