Learn Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Rational Decision Making

I have latest book of artificial intelligence techniques for rational decision making which you can download free in PDF form. In this book you will learn about techniques of AI applications for rational decision making.This book is very useful for Researchers,Developers and those who are interested in artificial intelligence techniques. By this book you can improve your techniques for rational decision making. Actually decision making is a complex process that  confounded intellectuals for immemorial time.

Rational decision making is actually a process of making decisions which based on relevant information in a optimized , timely and logically manner.If you are beginners and you want to learn Artificial Intelligence techniques you will learn here the introduction to rational decision making techniques. By this book you will also learn causal function for rational decision making application to militarized interstate dispute.In this book you will learn Manipulation theory of causality,counterfactual theory,Causal machine for rational decision making,Correlation function,Genetic Algorithm and artificial intelligence for group decision making.This book is totally free for you.

Tutorial Learn Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Rational Decision Making
Format PDF
Language English

This book cover these topic’s in detail:

  • Define Rational Decision Making?
  • Flexibly Bounded Rational Decision Making
  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, Hopfield Networks, Simulated Annealing
  • Causal Function
  • Rough Sets Causal Function
  • Rough Set Causal Machine
  • Correlation, Correlation Function, Correlation Function of Rational Decision Making
  • Missing Data Approach
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Application of Antenatal Data
  • Counterfactuals
  • SA
  • Flexibly Bounded Rationality
  • Flexibly Bounded Rational in Decision Making
  • Automatic Relevance Determination Theory
  • Types of Group Decision Making
  • Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making

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