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The term Data mining is one of the most and must world widely use method to extract data from different sources because data is raw facts and figures data must be collected for converted it into useful information and then organize them for better usage and better form of information. Now the world becomes a advance world because there are so many methods for collecting and storing so it have different commercial systems for data mining and a lot of challenges come up when they are actually implemented so it is very difficult. When data mining is used then With it is rapid evolution in the field of data mining by all aspect and so many companies are expected to stay compensate with all the new developments and all new information.

Data segmentation for identification

The Complex algorithms and form of complex algorithms further in process and in basis for data mining. so if the algorithms allow for data segmentation and to identify various trends, and patterns and detect variations and changes that may occur in the procedure and predict the probabilities. So these events which may be occur and some of various events happening. Because the data is raw facts so The raw data may come in both analog and digital format so data convert after the process on them into the information and this is totally based on the source of the data like from where the all data become gather. The most Companies must need to keep their track of the latest data mining trends and provided data mining and always stay updated about the data or information to do well in the industry and all overcome challenging competition with all algorithms.

There are some points that are used in future data mining

  1. The Multimedia Data Mining in future

Now a days This is one and only latest method which is used to catching up means to say for catching all the information and data for procedure because of the growing ability to capture and gather the useful data accurately and efficiently. The data extraction done by different platforms a there are different type of data which is used different kinds of multimedia sources such as audio and text and hypertext and video and images. The gather data is converted into a numbers of numerical representation which is in the form of numbers and it is also in different formats.

  1. The Ubiquitous Data Mining for future

There are some methods which is involved in mining of data from mobile devices and some other small applications to get information about individuals for gathering the whole information. There are many or several challenges come for data mining like complexity and privacy and cost.

  1. The Distributed Data Mining for future

This type of data mining have so much popularity because of it store different type of data and information of different organizations and farm companies trust on that type of data mining because they stored and save a huge amount of data. They have highly accurate information and Highly sophisticated algorithms which is used to extract data from different locations by different methods and provide proper insights for people to trust on them and reports based upon them because they are accurate and good.



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