Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities with artificial intelligence step by step

Download free Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities with artificial intelligence complete course. This course is very useful for everyone because Augmented realities is used in new technologies like snapchat lenses. Augmented realities use as real time information which is used in the form of graphics, text, audio, and other virtual magnification integrated with physical worlds objects. It is used to provide and convert digital images into data onto physical world objects. Virtual reality is used as a user inside a completely artificial environment and Augmented realities show information that is directly registered to the physical world.

By this book you will learn how machine interacts with humans, types of common HCI modalities, the Current State of modalities for Spatial computing devices, current controllers for immersive computing systems. You can also learn detail of five sensory principles that are: Intuitive experiences are multisensory, 3D Will Be Normcore, Designs that become physical nature, Design for the uncontrollable, Unlock the Power of spatial collaboration. You can also learn about ow extended Reality is Changing digital art. You will also learn 3D art optimization detail knowledge. You will also learn following topics with examples.

  • How the Computer Vision That Makes Augmented Reality Possible Works.
  • How and why to select an AR platform.
  • Integrating hardware and software.
  • How does multiplayer AR Work.
  • How is relocalization really being done nowadays in Apps.
  • Virtual veality and augmented Reality Theory.
  • Designing the Base Interface.
  • The Role of Game Engines.
  • What Is VRTK and why people use it.
  • Developing for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
  • Effective Use audio in VR , audio in AR.
  • Data and Machine Learning Visualization Design and Development in Spatial Computing.
  • Character AI and Behaviors.
  • VR/AR Health Technology Application Design.
  • Five Key Principles of AR and VR for Sports.

This book is totally free of cost. You can easily download in PDF form. You can learn many Augmented and Virtual Realities with artificial intelligence complete topics in detail.

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