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Free Download Fundamental of Computer programming with C# PDF for beginners.You will Learn Introduction to Programming with c# for Beginner.This Book is for Beginners to Learn c# Programming Skill with Step by Step Coding Detail.

c# Programming Language

C# is a modern object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, created and developed by Microsoft together with the .NET platform. There is highly diverse software developed with C# and on the .NET platform: office applications, web applications, websites, desktop applications, mobile applications, games and many others .

C# is a high-level language that is similar to Java and C++ and, to some extent, languages like Delphi, VB.NET and C. All C# programs are object- oriented. They consist of a set of definitions in classes that contain methods and the methods contain the program logic – the instructions which the computer executes

The Microsoft .NET Framework

The C# language is not distributed as a standalone product – it is a part of the Microsoft .NET Framework platform (pronounced “Microsoft dot net framework”). .NET Framework generally consists of an environment for the development and execution of programs, written in C# or some other language, compatible with .NET (like VB.NET, Managed C++, J# or F#). It consists of:

  • the .NET programming languages (C#, VB.NET and others);
  • an environment for the execution of managed code (CLR), which executes C# programs in a controlled manner;
  • a set of development tools, such as the csc compiler, which turns C# programs into intermediate code (called MSIL) that the CLR can understand;
  • a set of standard libraries, like NET, which allow access to databases (such as MS SQL Server or MySQL) and WCF which connects applications through standard communication frameworks and protocols like HTTP, REST, JSON, SOAP and TCP sockets.

The .NET Framework is part of every modern Windows distribution and is available in different versions. The latest version can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft’s website. As of this book’s publishing, the latest version of the .NET Framework is 4.5. Windows Vista includes out-of-the- box .NET Framework 2.0, Windows 7 – .NET 3.5 and Windows 8 – .NET 4.5.

Why C#?

There are many reasons why we chose C# for our book. It is a modern programming language, widely spread, used by millions of programmers around the entire world. At the same time C# is a very simple and easy to learn (unlike C and C++). It is natural to start with a language that is suitable for beginners while still widely used in the industry by many large companies, making it one of the most popular programming languages nowadays

C# or Java?

Although this can be extensively discussed, it is commonly acknowledged that Java is the most serious competitor to C#. We will not make a comparison between Java and C#, because C# is undisputedly the better,

more powerful, richer and just better engineered. But, for the purposes of this book, we have to emphasize that any modern programming language will be sufficient to learn programming and algorithms. We chose C#, because it is easier to learn and is distributed with highly convenient, free integrated development environment (e.g. Visual C# Express Edition).

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