Advance Point of sale Management system in Python Django

Free Download Point of sale (POS) System project in python Web Based Application with  Source code and Database.Point of sale System is a simple project which is Developed in Python Django and we have Design Database in SQL Lite. With the help of this system you can ad products, manage Products and Pos. this system has complete ability to make purchase order and then approve purchase order with specific given approval authority person and then Receive stock with concern Company or Distributor.With the help of this system we can Assign Complete or Specific rights to specific persons.

Project Name Point of sale (POS) System
Language Python
Framework Django
Database SQL Lite

These are the following features of the POS system:

1. Products manage

2. Bit of business thing got for money

3. Order manage

4.User manage

5.Supplier manage group

6. Amount of exchange of goods

7.Written statement list of things

Authentication of This system 

Username    Admin
Password Admin123

FOR POS user:

Username Cashier12
Password Cashier@12345

Availability of Reports 

  • Daily Purchase Detail
  • Item wise Cash Detail
  • Stock value Report
  • item wise stock Value report
  • Item Leger Report
  • Date wise purchase order
  • Date wise GRN
  • Manufacturer wise Item report
  • Monthly Comparison Report

Item wise Comparison Report



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